Nelson Floyd was seven years old when he started karate at Prince Hall Elementary School. He was shy, quiet, little boy. When he spoke, we could not hear him. At the age of eight, Nelson joined Golden Fist Martial Arts. That's when Nelson's life began to change and his confidence level became very strong. Nelson is now a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Rickey Manley, 3rd started at Golden Fist Martial Arts when he was five years old. He was not always a good student. Before he was enrolled in the program he refused to do his school work and was the class clown that was always getting into trouble. I want to thank the Golden Fist program for helping my son go from the little boy who would not try anything without quitting, to the little boy who thinks he can do anything. Ricky has continued his hard work and has won four first place trophies in point sparring, self defense, sit ups and forms.

Tyler trained under your tutorage from elementary school to high school; you brought him from boyhood to manhood. Tyler was accepted in the United States Border Patrol Academy. The pre-background check was intense and extensive, but what impressed the investigator the most was how well Tyler's dog was trained and the fact the he has a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate.

More than Just Kicks and Punches. We teach your child how to be thoughtful of others

March 10, 2012
Mr. Carmichael,

"We are very please with the lessons Zahir is receiving from Sophann. He really takes his time in perfecting Zahir's technique and form. He takes his teaching role very seriously. We are pleased with all the methods he's using. Aside from that, he is a caring and considerate gentleman. Again, we are extremely pleased. "
Thank you,
-Mr. & Mrs. Guess

"The time I helped someone was in art class at school. The Special Education kids came to my class and 3 of them were at my table. The art teacher said we had to get our pencils so I gave pencils to all the kids at my table. Then I helped them draw either a cityscape or a landscape. That was the time I helped someone."
-Ryce Salazar

"Last Sunday my dad was sick, but he needed to play guitar for church. Since I know how to play guitar I took over his place so he won't get tired. He just helped me control the guitar effects and sang back up. Then after we played he said, "Good job". It felt good being able to help him and play songs of praises for God. That was the time I helped my dad, the time I helped someone."
-Kenan Salazar

"One day there was a new kid in school. She did't know what to do. I introduced myself to her and I told her how we do things in our class. My other classmates were bullying her. Some of them made fun of her teeth. I just told her to ignore them so she did. And whenever she needed help, I helped her. Once she got used to things, they stopped bullying her and didn't need my help anymore. That's the time I helped someone."
-Tyra Salazar

"Perseverance....It Pays Off! When my son was purple belt, he wanted to quit Karate...we saw his interest disappear... My husband and I did not let him do it. We reminded him that Karate is a discipline that helps you grow in different areas and that it gives you skills that you will need later in life. Now he is Black Belt.... he has internalized the lesson taught... Think Black Belt and Beyond!!!! We have seen a major improvement; he has a positive attitude at home and in school. He is a LION in school, that is a very high title that means you are a role- model for your peers, in all areas, academic and behavior. He is also in Honor Roll. He has seen how important "

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